Obama Caught On Video: “You Just Have To…”

Man these people are vile!

Yesterday we brought you Nancy Pelosi captured on video explaining how to smear someone.

How charming!

She walks you through step-by-step.

If you missed it, you can see that here:


And now today it just so happens we have Obama caught in a similar moment.

This is really ugly and disgusting, but the clip is real.

Watch it here:

Want to be even more offended?

Apparently, Obama was trying to blame all of this on Bannon and Trump.

Yes, really.

So basically, we have Obama explaining his moves and then employing Nancy Pelosi’s “wrap up smear” to try and pin his own behavior back on Trump!

Just like his father, Satan.

The father of lies.


Hey Barry, nice try with the “wrap up smear” but we know how that works now…

Thanks to your pal Nancy:


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