First lady Jill Biden got a rude awakening in her hometown.

The first lady was on hand at the NFL game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys in Philadelphia to promote the White House’s cancer initiatives.

But when her face was shown on the jumbotron she was not greeted as she may have expected to be in a liberal city she used to call home.

“A source inside Lincoln Financial Field has informed me that Jill Biden was just mercilessly booed by Eagles fans when they put her on the screen,” Greg price said.

Some wondered why the video was so tough to find.

“If Melania Trump had been booed at a NFL game, she would be trending on Twitter. There would be video plasted on every social media platform in the nation. So where’s the video of First Lady Jill Biden being booed at tonight’s Eagles game?” Todd Starnes said.

“Social Media Communists are Censoring Jill Biden getting mercilessly booed at the Eagles game. Where is the video!!?? Somebody find it, and tag me!!!” another Twitter user said.

The first lady was either oblivious to the boos or her staff penned a tweet for her that simply did not mention it.

“It’s a special night for this Philly girl — I get to cheer on my @Eagles alongside these brave cancer survivors and their families. Thank you @NFL for raising awareness through Crucial Catch. We all have a role to play in ending cancer as we know it. #CancerMoonshot,” she said.

The first lady is not a stranger to hecklers. In July she felt the wrath of the people on the high gas prices that many people have blamed on her husband, President Joe Biden.

Gas prices are more complex than that but the president’s policies that are hostile to American energy production are believed by many to play a role.

And when Jill Biden visited a Connecticut ice cream shop when one person decided to heckle her, Fox News reported.

“Your husband is the worst President we ever had, you owe us gas money,” a man as she walked past him.

The first lady smiled, waved and said, “Thank you! Thank you for your support, thank you!”

Another heckler shouted “You suck!”



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