As reported over the weekend, Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, was attacked by a man in his home.

David DePape allegedly snuck into the Pelosi home and attacked him with a hammer.

Since that story posted, strange details have slowly made their way to the forefront.

For instance, the attacker was apparently in his underwear for some reason, and may have also been a “friend” according to Pelosi himself.

Oh yeah, one more thing…

The homeless drug-addicted attacker was apparently a far-right MAGA supporter.

Sure, okay..

There’s one problem though.

The two “far-right” websites attributed to DePape were created on Friday and deleted Saturday according to the Gateway Pundit.

Apparently DePape was only a far-right extremist for one day…

The problem is the websites cited by the mainstream media that were supposedly aligned with DePape were scraped on Friday and they are no longer active Saturday.

The site was scraped on Friday and shut down on Saturday.

The other site listed, is no longer active as well. It too was shut down on Saturday. The only activity on this site as well was in the last two days.



Did the Democrats create a red flag operation to pin the Paul Pelosi attack on conservatives? The media has been citing two far-right websites in the attack on Paul Pelosi. But, it was a false flag created probably by Democrats to create an October surprise. As it turns out, the sites were built Friday and deleted on Saturday. The sites were allegedly administered by Pelosi’s assailant, David Depape, who is homeless and a drug addict, as well as a child molester.

So….is another piece of the story officially debunked?

Are we dealing with a False Flag here?

A False Flag designed to interfere with an election?

It looks like it.

Here’s everything else that has been debunked — their story is falling apart:

Here’s Everything About The Paul Pelosi Story That Does Not Make Sense…
Are you connecting the dots?

Because if you are you realize they don’t all connect.

In fact, most don’t connect.

The official “story” is not holding water.

Let me explain what I mean…

Was this another October Surprise False Flag?

As a reminder, I always explain every time we talk about False Flags…it doesn’t mean the event didn’t happen. It just means the official story and the “official” reason behind it being sold by the MSM is likely not accurate.

So is that what we have here?

Or is this more of an old-fashioned cover up?

A night gone bad?

A private affair turned bad?

I really don’t know at this point.

I kind of lean more towards FF, but I’ll lay it all out and let you decide.

Here’s the official story that they want you to believe:

A far-right MAGA character who spends his time obsessing over far-right conspiracy theories but lives in a “Hippie Commune” with Rainbow flags in San Fransisco, breached all security at Nancy Pelosi’s house (the third in line to the Presidency [shudder]), he did so in his underwear, he came in screaming “Where’s Nancy?”, then he finds Paul Pelosi also in his underwear, a hammer appears, or maybe it’s two hammers, that part is unclear, they struggle over the hammer, meanwhile the police show up on the scene allegedly for a “wellfare check” at 2am and not because they were called about the break-in, they arrive during the struggle over the hammer, the police are let into the house by an unknown third party, the police then watch the far-right MAGA guy assault Paul Pelosi with a hammer and then they intervene to break it up and take the far-right MAGA guy to jail.

Listen here as Greg Price breaks it down better than I just did:

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