The Democrats and their allies in the media are hoping that the January 6th hearings will damage Donald Trump and the Republican party.

In fact, they are so hellbent on promoting these hearings, which many have criticized as partisan, that they rescheduled the hearings themselves to be aired on primetime TV.

On every single major network.

Did this happen during the Benghazi hearings?

Did this happen when Hillary Clinton was questioned for hours?


Because a real hearing is about finding the truth, not turning it into a profitable primetime spectacle.

But fortunately, it appears the American people aren’t buying it.

One benchmark to use is online ratings.

For example, whenever President Trump would speak, over 1 million people would tune in live online.

And for these hearings?

Well, it looks like not even HALF of a million people are interested in tuning in.

Look at this video from ABC.

Not even 500 people are watching.

If viewership for one of Trump’s rallies was that bad, don’t you think liberals would be pointing it out in the comments?

They laughed whenever there was one “empty” seat out of thousands at a Trump rally!

When in reality, that person had just gone to the bathroom!

Yet Joe Biden couldn’t even fill high school gyms.

And Hillary’s crowds were nothing compared to President Trump’s!

On YouTube, the most watched stream only has 132,000 viewers.

Again, a single Trump speech could easily get over 1,000,000 viewers.

Of course, YouTube numbers aren’t the same as television ratings.

However, YouTube is typically a good barometer of interest.

Things that are heavily watched on TV also do well on YouTube.

But the opposite is also true.

Events with poor viewership on TV also have poor viewership on YouTube.

So based on the dismal YouTube numbers, we can only assume that television viewership will be the same.

But beware:

The media will try to “cheat” the ratings.

In other words, they’ll “rig” the ratings to their favor.


This hearing is being aired on every major news network and cable network.

This means that ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and even C-SPAN are airing this hearing live.

That’s over 6 different channels airing the exact same event.

Don’t be surprised if they combine those numbers and claim that those added numbers are the ratings.

Just saying.


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